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blizzy / Sep 17, 2020

Pat on the back for a job well done to all parties involved be it in the actual kill or the 5 weeks leading up to it.Now it's time for celebrating, chilling and rekilling. (oneshot on first raidday of the week :) )Seagulls' first CE on draenor, we...

blizzy / Aug 10, 2020

~170 pulls later, easy pickup with two new people who never even stepped foot into this fight on mythic.An amazing job from everyone the last couple of pulls and in particular the last two were so smooth and clean, full group alive into third patc...

blizzy / May 26, 2020

Look at this majestic rainbow and muppets standing backwards into the line. :DStill recruiting ranged (shadowpriest&warlock) & restoshammy!