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Trimestrial overview (March-May)

blizzy / May 13, 2017
It has been quite a while for this entry to get written down, but now it's finally here \o/.
Last time we were ''almost'' pushing down botanist, but looking back it seems like it was one of those bosses where even the strongest players would not focus on what was needed, positioning, adds management & communication.
As a result it took much longer than expected to actually bring it down.

However once we overcame the obstacle that was tel'arn, we were left with fairly easy bosses (spellblade & tichondrius). Pulling up the wowprogress killtimes I think we can be very proud on our end results there. Netting us 3 kills in a little over a week!
This was an especially good outcome in the context of general raidfatigue that starts setting in, easter & general holidays constraining the turn up. And the fact that we have actually succesfully combined our 2 raidteams that had a completely different social structure, environment & goal- vs fun orientation outlook.

So where does this leave us now? Last thursday 11/05 we hit a major milestone in killing starboy! The group cohesion & attitudes have never been better & we will continue to strive to do better with what we have. We will continue to promote personal growth & community feeling as that is the most important thing we have on this medium realm: each other & the excitement in overcoming obstacles together, no matter the cost!



\o/ Woop!
Positivity is the key word here :)
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