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Third one down!

blizzy / Jan 15, 2018
Mucho grande job to all involved.
A great evening in general with the full heroic clean in there also.
The next two challenges await, in the same ballpark difficulty wise. So let's buckle down a bit and make short work of them \o/

In pure seagulls style the picture was again taken after the fact!
Some artistic license was needed to bring everyone to the forefront (esp with huge reetri birds, who is hiding boowrath).

Enjoy: (now with xtra stick figures)

Ofcourse we're still recruiting for our super awesome friendsraidteam, so if you know anyone that could fit the bill, send them my way :).

And as a bonus: the picture from our doggies which never got a news entry.


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Can you spot the seagull in the high command picture ? :)
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