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6/11 Moar than halfway!

blizzy / Feb 19, 2018
Ey, mucho great job yet again! We're now officially over half & the upcoming fight should be much easier than this one. So that's some good prospects.
There were some switcheroos during the progress & lots of early leave / late comings even during this evening.
I invite you to check the log for all those that attended at some point:
Also not bad to recheck if you screwed up on the bridge (running into shit, knocking others away with pulse, clicking too early after i'm exploding lasers)
--> fix this shit for rekill.

I would like to stress again that progress goes much much faster if most of the group is the same for the entire learning process. Things like job/military service/vacation can get in the way & is understandable. But giving prio to other hobbies / entertainment too many times in the RAID timeslot is harmfull to the group & directly affects progress. It simply does not work for a mythic team. Uptime has to remain high!
In this light i'm looking to create some sort of support team while adding to the high attendance setup.



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