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blizzy / May 02, 2018

On 29/04/18 coven got shoved back into the oven \o/. That leaves us with the two meanest bastards til we reach the finishing line. I'm confident to reach it in time if we have the same strong commitments & execution that everyone has shown on ...

blizzy / Apr 11, 2018

Woop woop, Live from mayrhofen austria drunk killpics from our last conquest \o/As usual a welldeserved good job to everyone involved in the kill and the prep pulls. All in all a pretty fast pickup.3 now remain before bfa hits!As always we are loo...

blizzy / Mar 12, 2018

Great job guys, strategie paid off for sure! Once the ballhuging phase passed it instantly became smooth sailing. Varimathras is next, keep doing what we're doing and next week we're in a position to select bosses. Ingame picture pending.

blizzy / Feb 19, 2018

Ey, mucho great job yet again! We're now officially over half & the upcoming fight should be much easier than this one. So that's some good prospects.There were some switcheroos during the progress & lots of early leave / late comings even...