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blizzy / Sep 04, 2017

Short update we killed sisters & rekilled it also in the meantime :*)Currently working on host last phase, come one come all! \o/

blizzy / Jul 23, 2017

\o/ Pat on the back, ezpz.We're still actively looking to increase our setup.Drop us an apply via the top left form.Or poke for a chat: blizzy#2601 (weekdays after 19.00pm)

blizzy / Jul 17, 2017

As per usual seagulls keeps playing during the summer \o/We picked up 8/9hc & 9/9n on week 1.KJ hc fell the second lockout on 06/07/2017 (no picture)Our first steps into mythic we nabbed goroth on 13/07 and today we caught a big harjatan fish....

blizzy / Jun 12, 2017

With the patch coming in just two days & tomb opening next week it's a great opportunity to plug our latest exploits. Many more pics to come in upcoming weeks/months \o/Helyeah finished @ 25/05/2017Grand magistrix @ 01/06/2017

blizzy / May 13, 2017

It has been quite a while for this entry to get written down, but now it's finally here \o/.Last time we were ''almost'' pushing down botanist, but looking back it seems like it was one of those bosses where even the strongest players would not fo...

blizzy / Mar 08, 2017

Short overview of latest exploits:3days group is currently 4/10M, with botanist in sight.Top speed & Top execution on server.2days group is currently 1/10M, with chronomatic almost! deadOfcourse as usual no pictures because i'm bad like that, ...

blizzy / Feb 08, 2017

A later entry with a small foray into early feb.Our 3 days group starting in heroic surely paid off only getting hampered by our very late third raid day.Snatching up everything in week 1, with 2 mythic kills in january. Trilliax falling on feb5. ...