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blizzy / Oct 11, 2017

Nothing can stop the ravenous seagull! We first got the taste on harjatan and now for the second time this tier all the seafood belongs to us! \o/ OMNOMNOMNOM.In a respectable ~100 pulls, nothwithstanding demon ninjapulls and players that wanted a...

blizzy / Sep 04, 2017

Short update we killed sisters & rekilled it also in the meantime :*)Currently working on host last phase, come one come all! \o/

blizzy / Jul 23, 2017

\o/ Pat on the back, ezpz.We're still actively looking to increase our setup.Drop us an apply via the top left form.Or poke for a chat: blizzy#2601 (weekdays after 19.00pm)

blizzy / Jul 17, 2017

As per usual seagulls keeps playing during the summer \o/We picked up 8/9hc & 9/9n on week 1.KJ hc fell the second lockout on 06/07/2017 (no picture)Our first steps into mythic we nabbed goroth on 13/07 and today we caught a big harjatan fish....

blizzy / Jun 12, 2017

With the patch coming in just two days & tomb opening next week it's a great opportunity to plug our latest exploits. Many more pics to come in upcoming weeks/months \o/Helyeah finished @ 25/05/2017Grand magistrix @ 01/06/2017

blizzy / May 13, 2017

It has been quite a while for this entry to get written down, but now it's finally here \o/.Last time we were ''almost'' pushing down botanist, but looking back it seems like it was one of those bosses where even the strongest players would not fo...

blizzy / Mar 08, 2017

Short overview of latest exploits:3days group is currently 4/10M, with botanist in sight.Top speed & Top execution on server.2days group is currently 1/10M, with chronomatic almost! deadOfcourse as usual no pictures because i'm bad like that, ...