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(May 15, 2019)
Attendance & audit updated
(Apr 22, 2019)
5/9M also done
(Apr 22, 2019)
2/2HC Done
(Apr 15, 2019) Now with subbutton! \o/
(Mar 08, 2019)
Le welcome back
(Mar 01, 2019)
Heroic done
(Jan 02, 2019)
2019 \o/
(Dec 11, 2018)
Patch hype soon
(Nov 07, 2018)
Le goodweek begins!
(Sep 24, 2018)
Le much todo :(
(Jun 28, 2018)
\o/ le dead
(May 13, 2018)
tic tac, tic tac
(Apr 11, 2018)
Attendance numbers will look inflated til after thursday. They are already plotted in based on current signs & will be adapted daily.
(Apr 02, 2018)
seagull policy updated.
(Mar 26, 2018)
For new ppl or interested applicants the seagulls policy page is not 100% up to date. Will be reworked upcoming weekend. For now any questions? Poke bankiertjeuh ingame.
(Feb 23, 2018)
Added new info for Tentatives in the pivot. As activity is registered as showing up + tentatives, this will take into account your activity percentage.
(Feb 19, 2018)
Attendance simplified, an updated colour coded pivot with full tier option & in function of recruitment date. The detailed view remains under the second tab.
(Feb 04, 2018)
Simulation craft "raidbots" is now active on discord. Start with !raidbots -h (in the botscommand channel)
(Jan 29, 2018)
(Jan 11, 2018)
Colouring of attendance sheet is now in function of raidteam joindate. The first column still shows total contribution for the tier. (can't contribute when you're not in the raidteam)