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(Jul 23, 2017)
woo steady progress leggo lads
(Jul 17, 2017)
domain name changed to, spread the word
(Jul 13, 2017)
1/9 M leggo 9/9 sunday?
(Jul 09, 2017)
OMG wildlands works!
(Jul 07, 2017)
woo curves all around
(Jul 05, 2017)
ahead of the curve woo woo choo choo #worthallwipes
(Jun 28, 2017)
8/9 boyos
(Jun 27, 2017)
Nighthold mythic tonight, 3 elisande to go
(Jun 26, 2017)
7 of 9
(Jun 22, 2017)
I might be around 30min late tonight, depending on how the traffic is.
(Jun 22, 2017)
5/9 pat on the back
(Jun 20, 2017)
Tonight last chance to pick up a kill before tomb. Come with motivation & eagerness from the first pull!
(Jun 18, 2017)
probably won't be there for tonight's raid. Running abit behind schedule at the cabin. Good luck. also don't leap towards gul'dan before he does his knockback ;P
(Jun 16, 2017)
Happy working cicerons xD
(Jun 13, 2017)
legionspreadsheet should be working under 'guildaudit'
(Jun 08, 2017)
Have fun guys! The first ferry has like an hour breaktime..... REEEEEEEEE. So I won't be back untill after the raid :|
(Jun 08, 2017)
electricians :P
(Jun 08, 2017)
I think I'll be back around 9pm ish. If the ferries and roads are clear.
(Jun 08, 2017)
I will probably be late for tonights raid aswell... This electrician guy won't bring the last part untill he's finished with some other project. And then we'll have to drive another 2 hours after that..
(Jun 07, 2017)
Ok. so this electrician came and changed the input, but forgot to bring one of the parts... So I won't make tonights raid afterall. Good luck! Hope u'll make some progress.