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(Nov 14, 2016)
If you wanna finish up kara, don't have to wait on me. Ill be home very late.
(Nov 12, 2016)
(Nov 09, 2016)
Yay \o/
(Nov 09, 2016)
might come abit later today fucken school
(Nov 09, 2016)
gg eye bos
(Nov 04, 2016)
(Nov 02, 2016)
Rip legendarius ? :)
(Nov 02, 2016)
It was a great time I had in this guild. But now I need to say goodbye... goodbye! and fuck u blizzard
(Nov 01, 2016)
(Nov 01, 2016)
(Nov 01, 2016)
What happend to Gul'dan when he tripped? He fel... HA. HA. HAAAAH.
(Oct 27, 2016)
If anyone from team3 or an offspec from team1 could be backup tank for tonight's run that would be great.
(Oct 20, 2016)
Nextu weeku, hypeuh!